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FOX 27 Lynchburg's TV Feature on Phil Vassar & Friends Benefit Concert for Miller Home of Lynchburg

on 09 April 2014.

Bob Grebe's Virginia on Fox 21/27 (Roanoke/Lynchburg) featured Phil Vassar and the Phil Vassar & Friends Benefit Concerts for Miller Home of Lynchburg


5 Questions With Phil (March 5, 2014)

on 05 March 2014.

IMG 1301Out on the road this week, bouncing between Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona. Seemed like a good time to check in on your #5Questions submissions from Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for all the good questions. Keep sending them in on twitter with #5Questions to @PhilVassar.


Q: How did you become involved with Miller Home? 
Phil: Lynchburg’s my home town and I used to go to church right next to Miller Home. My youth group used to sing at the home when I was a young teenager, so it made sense to me to give back to them. And actually after I was set up in Nashville and things started going well with the career, my mom and sister mentioned the Miller Home to me and we’ve been working together ever since. It’s amazing the things they do.


Q: Have u ever written with a lyricist? Would u be willing to consider it? 
Phil: When I’m working on songs, usually I have a pretty small group of folks who I write with and generally I like to write most of my own lyrics. But yes, I do spend time working with others on songs; some are lyricists, some more musical or instrumental. I’m pretty comfortable with the group I work with now. I think we have a good set up together.


Q: What advice would you give up and coming songwriters? 
Phil: Really just write about things you know. I think it was Ricky Nelson who once said, “You can’t please everyone, so make sure you please yourself.” Everyone is going to be a critic, so make sure you like what you’re writing.


Q: What’s your favorite Winter Olympic Sport to watch?
Phil: Definitely the hockey I would say. A lot of the new stuff if pretty cool, too. Those snowboarding events and racing, but to me hockey is cool to watch. A lot of the players are in the NHL, but it’s even more fun to watch them play for their country with all that national pride.


Q: I saw you gave a shout-out to (Pittsburgh Panthers football) Coach Chryst the other day, how do you know Coach? 
Phil: I got to meet him at one of my concerts. He and his daughter came to one of my shows. I got to meet them after the show. Great guy; I’m a big fan of his as a man and a coach. And he sent me some Pitt gear that came in useful on our colder weather trips this winter, so I wanted to thank him on twitter for those. 


2014 Phil Vassar & Friends Benefit Concerts Set for April 2-3

on 26 February 2014.

Phil Vassar will be returning to his hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia, on April 2-3, 2014, for two special evenings to benefit Miller Home of Lynchburg. On April 2, Phil and the band will host a VIP Acoustic Concert at Tresca on 8th (6:30pm start); the next night will feature the Phil Vassar and Friends Benefit Concert at Phase 2 (7:30pm start).

Tickets for the VIP Acoustic Concert range from $125 per ticket to $600 for a group of six tickets. The price includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverages.

Tickets for the Phil Vassar and Friends Benefit Concert are $35 for General Admission or $95 for a VIP ticket which includes admission to the concert plus dinner, a private acoustic concert by a friend of Phil Vassar, and access to the balcony lounge.

To purchase tickets for either event call Miller Home at (434) 845-0241

The Miller Home of Lynchburg is a non-profit group home for girls who cannot live with their families. Since it opened its doors in 1875, the Miller Home has cared for more than 900 young women ages four to eighteen, from different counties, cities, and even states. The home strives to provide a traditional family environment while addressing the individual needs, behaviors, and goals of each young woman that comes through the doors.

Phil has returned to Lynchburg over the years for this very special event, and you too can support the cause. All proceeds of this event are donated. To purchase tickets call the Miller Home at (434) 845-0241 during regular business hours. Be patient when calling, phones are ringing off the hook!

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