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I had the opportunity to speak with Phil Vassar regarding his "#noPHILter" tour and various projects he has in the making.

Higher Rock: I want to first thank you for taking the time to speak with us, I know you must be extremely busy.

Phil: No problem at all. I'm actually packing as we speak for this weekends shows.

Higher Rock: We are so excited that you will be in Connecticut this Friday, December 11th at the Infinity Hall & Bistro located in Norfolk, CT.

Phil: I'm excited about getting back there. I have a bunch of friends coming down. It's going to be good.

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I’m so excited to announce my latest project – Songs from the Cellar. Join me and my special guests as we sing and chat over wines and liquors. The first episode will be released Dec. 22. Stay tuned for more info! 

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The singer says parenting is his most important job, before being a singer.

Courtesy Country Weekly (Gayle Thompson):

However well known for his musical achievements, Phil Vassar’s proudest accomplishments are his two daughters, 17-year-old Haley and 11-year-old Presley. The singer-songwriter says he works hard to make sure his girls have as normal of a life as possible, even though he spends so much time on the road.

“I think it’s important to be involved as much as you can. I’m gone a lot,” Phil tells Nash Country Weekly. “With the Internet and stuff, it’s very scary, what’s out there. I want them to stay innocent as long as they can, and enjoy their life and be happy. I always ask my girls, ‘Are you happy? Was it a good day?’”

Phil might be gone for part of almost every week, but when he is at his Nashville home, his family is his first priority.

“If I could, parenting is all I would do,” he admits. “I know you have to go make a living and do your job and all that stuff. But I’ll tell you, it’s so fun. And it’s a lot of work. Kids have a lot of homework now and all that stuff. When I’m home I try to be with my kids as much as I possibly can be. But it’s hard, because they go back and forth. You just want them to be comfortable.”

Phil admits that after spending time with his band on the road, coming home to two girls is always a bit of a shock.

“Boys and girls are completely different,” he concedes. “Everything’s physical as a guy. We break stuff, and get stitches and break bones and cars and windows. I don’t know how many windows I broke out as a kid. I think women in general are way smarter and more mysterious and emotional. Men are more physically drawn and women are emotional. I really learned that with my girls, because I’d come off the road with a bus full of guys, and I learned not to scream or raise my voice. You have to completely decompress and be gentle with girls. It’s not easy, but it sure is rewarding.”

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Award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Vassar electrified crowds during performances with Hunter Hayes and STYX’s Tommy Shaw leading up to the CMA Awards.

Vassar, who’s continuing his #noPHILter tour across the country, collaborated with Hunter Hayes on Vassar’s smash hit “Just Another Day in Paradise” Monday night outside Bridgestone Arena. The crowd sang along with Vassar and Hayes during the free outdoor concert that spilled into the streets of Music City’s downtown. Hayes and Vassar shared the stage with Cole Swindell, Striking Matches, Charles Kelley, Eric Paslay, Dave Barnes, Will Hoge, Chris Janson and Danielle Bradbery.

During Sunday’s Off The Record event benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, Vassar joined celebrities, designers and musical guests for the elite event and fashion show. The runway lit up during Vassar’s star-studded performance with STYX’s Tommy Shaw, which included a captivating rendition of the rock hit “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights).” More than 400 guests enjoyed Vassar’s performance at Sylvia Roberts’ estate, best known for its appearance on ABC’s “Nashville.”

Vassar will cap off the week with additional #noPHILter dates while working on his latest album project, slated for release in 2016.

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On Monday, October 26, The Bobby Bones Show, gave a shout out to Phil about his new song, "She's On Her Way." Click here to listen to the podcast from the show.